Stan's NoTubes BST-R Series

The BST Concept

Our patented Bead Socket Technology rims create a more secure, air tight seal with the bead of your tire. BST rims have lower profile sidewalls that lock onto the bead of your tire instead of the sidewall. By allowing your tire's sidewall to expand to its true dimensions, BST rims allow greater air volume inside your tire, lowering overall pressure. The result is a tire that rolls faster, offers greater traction, and locks more securely to our rims. Lower-profile sidewalls are also stronger and lighter where it matters most.

BST-R Series

Designed to address the more versatile range of road tubeless systems, Bead Socket Technology R Series rim shapes are optimized for narrower road and gravel tires and tubeless and tube capability.

Key Differences Between BST and BST-R

Our BST system was developed specifically for tubeless use with pressures below 45psi. From our Iron Cross to our Hugo, we offer low pressure BST rims for tires in the 32mm to 122mm width range. The broader pressure range of our BST-R Series rims and wheelsets means they're optimized for tubeless use with tires in the 32mm to 50mm range at pressures of 45psi or lower, as well as 25mm to 32mm tires specifically designated as "tubeless" that feature reinforced beads designed for pressures up to 115psi. Both BST and BST-R rims and wheelsets may be used with tubes.