Featured Builders: Black Sheep Bikes

So many great frame builders feature our products that we wanted to share some of their amazing bikes with you. Our Featured Builders page is where we'll highlight some great bikes.

Our current Featured Builder is Black Sheep Bikes.

Black Sheep Bikes Black Sheep Bikes

"Black Sheep Bikes is the cumulative craftsmanship, design, and creativity of James Bleakley, Todd Heath, and Paul Knowles. Started in 1999, Black Sheep Bikes has been a constant progression in ride quality and style. With a combined 30 years experience in bicycle design and fabrication we never stop trying new ideas and pushing the level of refinement of our products. The bikes Black Sheep builds are the bikes we ride. From the Leadville trail 100 to the average Thursday night ride, these bikes are ridden and tested to the fullest. We are not trying to fit into someone else's idea of a bicycle but that of our own. Pushing performance and durability first and style second we stand behind the bikes we build. We feel a bicycle is a tool in your everyday life. Transportation, utility, recreation, wherever you find a bicycle need we have found a elegant solution. Style were it counts, function where it is needed. Rock on Chicago, Rock on London."


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