Stan's NoTubes RiACT Rim Design

Everyone knows carbon fiber can create a stiff wheel. We knew it could do much more. The carbon fiber rims on our Valor wheelsets are 30% stiffer laterally than our legendary aluminum rims, but the real key to their outstanding performance is Radial Impact Absorbing Carbon Technology. Obsessive attention to the shape of the rim and a proprietary carbon fiber lay-up process have resulted in a rim that absorbs radial vibrations and impacts while maintaining lateral stiffness, keeping your wheels driving constantly forward with less energy loss than other carbon rims. RiACT lets us create a rim that's lighter than the competition while also being stronger. Our Valor Carbon rims can absorb radial impacts large enough to compress the wheel 7mm without damaging the rim or even losing air pressure in the tire. Our new Bravo Trail and All-mountain rim is able to deflect an incredible 10mm radially without damage or pinch flatting.

Smooth is fast. If there's one thing the overwhelming success of our tubeless technology has demonstrated, that's it. The more forward momentum your wheel and tire can maintain without deflecting off the ground and sending your energy upward and backward, the faster you move. Our RiACT rims allow the wheel system to absorb more, offering levels of vibration damping and impact absorption never possible. The result is a rim that's both stronger and faster-rolling.