When it comes to performance on the road, in the gravel, and over the barriers, Stan’s NoTubes gives you the edge. Feel fast and smooth on every road or cyclocross ride thanks to the innovative design and advanced, tubeless technology of our rims and wheels.

With less rotational mass and weights starting below 1400g, our wheels are simply quicker. They are more durable, too, having been built by our gifted wheelbuilders with reliable and readily available stainless steel spokes.

Our road and cyclocross rims features our Bead Socket Technology (BST), which allows your tire to expand to its true size and volume upon installation. This results in a supple, comfortable and controlled ride like that of a tubular, with noticeably less rolling resistance. And nothing accelerates like our low-profile BST rims.

Want the feel of a tubular, the convenience of a clincher, and the reliability of a self-sealing road tire? Try our Alpha series. Or check out the lightweight Iron Cross, which allows most cyclocross tires to be sealed airtight without a tube, giving a new level of traction and reliability and decreased rolling resistance. The versatile and robust Grail - also our most aerodynamic offering - is compatible with both higher-pressure road tires and tubeless cyclocross tires.

From high mountain passes and criteriums to cyclocross and gravel adventures, Stan’s NoTubes brings you the best 700c road and cyclocross wheels. Check out the models below to find the perfect wheels for you.