The Crow is our super low weight, ultra low rolling resistance tire. This tire is intended to be used at low pressure which creates a very fast rolling tire, ideal for XC racing, when speed is your main priority. The dual compound rubber increases corning traction, wears longer, and rolls faster!

The Crow is a Tubeless Ready tire meaning it can be used with a standard tube or tubeless with Stan's Tire Sealant. The Crow is compatible with all tubeless or tubeless ready rims as well as standard rims converted to tubeless using a Stan's Tubeless Kit.

Tech Tip

To determine a starting tire pressure when running mountain bike tires tubeless on our ZTR mountain rims use this simple formula:

Rider weight (with gear) in pounds divided by 7 = x

x - 1 = Front tire PSI

x + 2 = Rear tire PSI

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The Crow Tire 26x2.0
Used by those who yearn for the fastest dry conditions tire.