The Crow is our super low weight, ultra low rolling resistance tire. This tire is intended to be used at low pressure which creates a very fast rolling tire, ideal for XC racing, when speed is your main priority. The dual compound rubber increases corning traction, wears longer, and rolls faster!

The Crow is a Tubeless Ready tire meaning it can be used with a standard tube or tubeless with Stan's Tire Sealant. The Crow is compatible with all tubeless or tubeless ready rims as well as standard rims converted to tubeless using a Stan's Tubeless Kit.

Tech Tip

To determine a starting tire pressure when running mountain bike tires tubeless on our ZTR mountain rims use this simple formula:

Rider weight (with gear) in pounds divided by 7 = x

x - 1 = Front tire PSI

x + 2 = Rear tire PSI

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In Stock
The Crow Tire 26x2.0
Used by those who yearn for the fastest dry conditions tire.

In Stock
The Crow Tire 29x2.0
Race proven and put into the category of one of the lightest 29er tires out there, this dry conditions tire is very fast.