With larger side knobs than The Crow, The Raven is designed to be used at low pressures in hardpack to moderately loose conditions. Bidirectional tread pattern with larger side knobs than the Crow allows for increased traction when cornering. The dual compound rubber increases corning traction, wears longer, and rolls faster!


The Raven is a Tubeless Ready tire meaning it can be used with a standard tube or tubeless with Stan's Tire Sealant. The Raven is compatible with all tubeless or tubeless ready rims as well as standard rims converted to tubeless using a Stan's Tubeless Kit.

Tech Tip

To determine a starting tire pressure when running mountain bike tires tubeless on our ZTR mountain rims use this simple formula:


Rider weight (with gear) in pounds divided by 7 = x


x - 1 = Front tire PSI


x + 2 = Rear tire PSI

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The Raven Tire 26x2.0
This low weight tire has an advantage over others by rolling through wet conditions without packing up.

Inventory: In Stock

The Raven Tire 26x2.2
This larger sized tire would be the perfect front tire when control in the ruts are essential.

Inventory: Discontinued

The Raven Tire 29x2.0
Top choice of our Pros when the need for traction and speed in the wet and dry are their main concern.

Inventory: In Stock

The Raven Tire 29x2.2
Weighing only 550 grams this tire is among the lightest 29 x 2.2 tire available! The larger 2.2 size can get you out of some pretty rough spots. Roots, rocks, wet or dry can't keep this Raven from moving you forward.

Inventory: In Stock

The Raven Tire 700x35
Equally at home on the cyclocross race course, cruising singletrack or dirt road gravel grinding; some call it the perfect tread pattern in wet or dry conditions.