If you want tubeless done right, then you came to the right place. The key to a properly working tubeless setup is Stan's sealant. Whether you are using Stan's patented tubeless conversion kits to convert your existing wheels or with Stan's Yellow Rim Tape to seal the spoke bed of our BST rims air tight, Stan's Sealant is the proper fix. We offer many different conversion kits to fit many different wheel types and sizes. So if you are looking to increase traction and handling while at the same time reduce rolling weight to your bike, we have the system for your needs.

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Stan’s patented tubeless conversion kits can be used to convert existing tube type wheels to tubeless.
Convert existing clincher rims to tubeless use.
Stan’s rim strips can be used to convert existing tube type wheels to tubeless.
Just two ounces of Stan’s Tire Sealant in a converted standard tire or a tubeless tire can repair up to a 1/4” hole instantly. The secret weapon of racers worldwide and the savior of countless trail riders, Stan’s Tire Sealant works wonders on punctures caused by thorns, cactus, goat heads, nails, or pinch flat
All valve stems feature removable valve cores
Can be used with our ZTR rims to make them air tight or used as a light weight rim tape in any rim. 21mm width fits ZTR Olympic, ZTR 355, ZTR Alpine and ZTR Crest. ZTR Arch and ZTR Flow rims require 25mm width. Rims other than the ZTR models require a full tubeless conversion kit - see page 4