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Set The Gold Standard. 


The ZTR Race Gold 29er wheelset changed the way people look at 29ers. Now get the wheelset that sets the Gold Standard. The new Race Gold 29er wheelset uses the same rim technology as the Race 7000 wheelset that propelled Sabine Spitz to 2008 Olympic Gold.


The improved rim design provides a wider tire base for more stability and traction, a lower sidewall for increased usable air volume, and lighter weight. Stan's New 3.30 Ti hubs with stainless bearings increase reliability and provide quicker engagement to maximize pedaling efficiency. Front 3.30 Ti hubs can be converted to 15mm or 9mm thru with and adittional kit.  Rear 3.30 Ti hubs can be converted to 12 x142 or 10 x 135 with an additional kit.


No longer be held back by heavier wheels. With 320 gram rims and Stan’s 3.30 Ti hubs laced to maximize lateral stiffness and rim longevity, the Race Gold 29er wheelset is the unquestioned leader of the lightweight racing category.


Includes: 15mm end caps


ZTR Race Gold 29er  
Total Weight 1390 grams
Max recommended rider weight 170lbs
Rims ZTR Race Gold 29er 2013
Rim Material 6061 Alloy
Rim Depth 15.6mm
Rim Width External 24.2mm
Rim Width Internal 21.3mm
Front Hub 6 bolt Stan's 3.30 Ti or Cannondale Lefty
Rear Hub 6 bolt Stan's 3.30Ti, 3.30SS or 12x142 XD
Hub Bearings Stainless Cartridge
Spokes 1.8/1.5 DT Revolution Black
Spoke Nipples Red Alloy
Front Spoke Lacing 32H, 2 Cross
Rear Spoke Lacing 32H, 3 Cross ND Side, 2 Cross D Side
Spoke Length Front (L/R) 283mm/288mm
Spoke Length Rear (L/R) 294mm/283mm
 Valve Stem  Red Aluminum


 Additional information

  • The ZTR Race Gold 29er is a low pressure rim and it must be run at pressures of 15-33 psi. Higher pressures may cause damage to the rim and will not be covered in the warranty. If you prefer to run high pressures, please consider purchasing a different rim from the ZTR product line.

  • Designed to work with standard tube-type tires using just the yellow tape and valves for tubeless without burping.

  • The ZTR Race Gold 29er rim is designed such that standard tires will inflate easily on this rim when setup tubeless. Some tires will mount with a little more difficulty but keep the beads centered in the rim cavity and refer to this video for further detail.

  • UST and Tubeless Ready tires may be difficult to mount on this rim.

  • Can be used with tubes

  • Podium MMX, Race 29er and Race Gold 29er Warranty/Crash Replacement