How to Patch a Tire

To patch the inside of any tire you just follow the instructions below.

Items needed:

  • Paper towel or rag
  • Any bicycle tube patch the type with glue not the glue less patches.
  • Brake Clean - this can be purchased at any Wall Mart or automotive store for around $2.00.
  • Hair dryer.

First take a paper towel and dry the area to be patched.

Then take a hair dryer to the area even if it does not look wet the rubber used in a tire will absorb moisture form the air. Dry for 30 seconds or longer if needed.

I then use automotive brake clean or liquid tire buff and clean the area to be patched. (Sanding these thin tires does not work as well as the brake clean) Then use the hair dryer to evaporate the brake clean. Another 30 seconds.

You then apply your glue and use the same dryer to aid in the drying process. Then simply take any tube patch and apply (Use small bicycle tube patches). The dryer will not only dry the moisture from the tire but will warm the rubber so the patch will stick like Velcro even on the sidewalls.