Tire Inflating Tips:


Inflating a tire tubeless so that it seats into the rim has been made easier with tubeless designed rims and tubeless designed tires, but occasionally difficulties can arise. See the following tips for tire inflation.
Note: Do not exceed 40 psi when seating a mountain bike tire tubeless on Stan’s rims. Do not exceed 55 psi when seating a cyclocross tire tubeless on Stan’s rims.
  • Remove the valve core for added air flow. Additional air flow will greatly increase the ability of the tire to capture air and seat against the rim.


  • Make sure that no part of the tire bead is sitting on the valve. The tire bead can very easily curl under itself and cover up the valve. When this happens half or all of the air used to inflate the tire is being pumped outside the tire.


  • Use a compressor with a reservoir tank. If your bicycle floor pump is not giving you enough air flow a compressor with a reservoir tank will allow high enough pressure to quickly inflate your tire. Small compressors without a reservoir tank such as ones for emergency automobile tire inflation do not flow enough air to seat the bead of a tire.


  • Use soap and water to help the tire bead seat.


  • Do not add sealant until you’ve successfully been able to seat the tire.
Tire Inflating tips for Rim Strip converted rims:
  • If your tire fits on the rim loosely add a layer of Velox tape or a few layers of Stan’s yellow tape underneath the rim strip to prop it up and allow less clearance between the tire and the rim. The tire will capture air easier in this configuration.