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Tech Guide: Install E-Sync Freehub on Stan's Neo & Neo Ultimate Hubs

Installing an E-Sync freehub on either a Stan's Neo or Neo Ultimate hub is an easy process that improves its long-term reliability and durability. You'll need just a few tools and supplies to complete the service: a T25 Torx wrench or Centerlock lockring tool to remove brake rotors, a chain whip and cassette tool to remove your cassette, a small flat blade screwdriver, a clean rag, and a tube of light grease.

Step 1

Start with the cassette and rotor removed from the hub, disassembly of the wheel is not required. First pull the freehub and driveside endcap from the axle. Push the axle through the hub shell along with the 0.5mm spacer and disc side endcap. 

Step 2

Using a small flat blade screwdriver, pry the freehub seal from the hub shell and discard. Using a clean shop towel, clean out the inside of the hub

Step 3

Apply a thin layer of grease to the ratchet ring and outer circumference of the new freehub seal. Press the seal into the shell, ensuring it is pressed in evenly.

Step 4

Grease and slide the axle into the hub and install the disc side endcap. Slide the 0.5mm spacer onto the drive-side of the axle.

Step 5

Slide the E-Sync freehub onto the axle, rotating it counter-clockwise as the pawls touch the seal. Install driveside endcap and then re-install your cassette and brake rotor.

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