2017 Grail Rims

2017 Grail Rims

Photo Credit: Ben Koelker - Rider: Jake Wells
  • Designed for gravel, cyclocross, and road disc

  • BST-R rim design compatible with 25mm-40mm road tubeless tires, traditional road tires when used with tubes, and low-pressure cyclocross tires

  • Aero rim design is faster without being overly susceptible to crosswinds

  • WideRight rim design optimized for wider gravel and cyclocross tires

Limits are no fun. Go anywhere with versatile, durable disc brake Grail rims. The Grail offers peace of mind for bikepacking, gravel racing, and wherever your backcountry adventures take you. The Grail's WideRight 20.3mm rim design is optimized for the added volume of today's larger gravel tires and allows your tires to expand to their full volume for reduced rolling resistance, improved control, and comfort over the long haul. Our BST-R tubeless technology is compatible with 25-40mm road tubeless tires, traditional road tires when used with tubes, and low pressure tubeless cyclocross tires. One wheelset, maximum versatility. When it comes to getting off the beaten path to find adventure, the Grail is in a class of its own.

Rim Internal Width: 20.3mm            ETRTO: 622x20.3
Rim External Width: 24.1mm   ISO: 24.0mm
Rim Depth: 24.5mm   Tape: 21-25mm
Hole Count: 24-hole, 28-hole or 32-hole   Valve: Presta
Rim Color: Black   Max Spoke Tension: 125KgF/1225N
Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy   Max Pressure with 23mm Tire: 116psi
Brakes: Disc only   Max Pressure with 28mm Tire: 100psi 
ERD: 590mm   Max Pressure with 32mm Tire: 45psi 
      Rim Weight: 460g
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Our Technology

  • BST-R


    BST-R rims offer maximum versatility with the widest range of tires and pressures. Compatible with 25mm to 32mm tires at pressures up to 115psi both with and without tubes, BST-R rims are also compatible with wider, higher-volume tubeless tires at pressures below 45psi.

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