Stan's NoTubes rims will be under more riders than ever at this year's Red Bull Rampage. As the riders hope for calm winds and quality practice time here on the last day before the event, we're taking a look at the bikes of Cam Zink, Kyle Strait, Kurt Sorge, and Reed Boggs. A total of four riders will be using Flow MK3 rims this year (and we're really going to miss seeing two more, Gee Atherton and Adolf Silva, and wish both a speedy recovery). Once again this year, we've created some one-of-a-kind custom Flow MK3 rims for our riders to help make these some of the best-looking Rampage bikes ever.

Photos by Kenny Wehn.

Kurt Sorge's Polygon keeps the colors simple, and that includes the black Flow MK3 rims with white decals.

As part of his completely tricked out white and purple Trek Session with Marzocchi suspension, Reed Boggs is running some custom white Flow MK3 rims.

Cam Zink is looking really good during practice, and his YT is looking great just standing still. We went understated on Cam's wheels, choosing to match the Kashima gold stanchions on his Fox suspension and his Deity pedals and Onyx hubs. Cam's running mixed wheel sizes again this year, with 26" out back and 27.5" up front. This isn't the first time we've cooked up "deep gold" custom rim decals, and they always look incredible.

We've done some over-the-top custom painted rims for Kyle Strait in the past, but this year's dark chrome Flow MK3 with red decals are some of our favorites.

Laced up to red Onyx hubs, this wheelset is straight up muscle car, which seems like a solid match for the mind-blowing 70-foot monster Kyle has been sending.