1. Meet Downhill Pro Racer Danielle Beecroft

    Meet Downhill Pro Racer Danielle Beecroft

    Downhill World Cup racer Danielle Beecroft recently won both the Australian Downhill National Series and the Oceania Continental Championships on her Stan’s NoTubes Flow MK3 wheels. The 21-year-old pro, who hails from North Richmond, Sydney got started racing bikes at a young age and currently competes nationally and internationally as a privateer. NoTubes: Tell us about winning the Australian Downhill...
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  2. Staff Bike: Derek Bissett’s Mullet Bike

    Staff Bike: Derek Bissett’s Mullet Bike

    Mullet bikes aren’t just for downhillers. Our very own Derek Bissett, one of Stan’s Mechanical Engineers, built up one of his own that’s intended for fun, everyday trail riding. His interest in riding bikes with different wheel sizes goes back to 2009, when he had a Trek 69er, a cross country-focused hardtail mountain bike with a 29” wheel up front...
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  3. Meet Louis Hamilton

    Meet Louis Hamilton

    For Louis, it all started with building sketchy jumps from bricks and planks in the backyard and breaking department store bikes. It has since taken him to compete at an international level, travel the world, meet many great people and also start his own mountain bike coaching business - Tuned Rotorua. This year at the New Zealand Downhill National Championships...
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