Mike and Mary’s two person team formula remains simple, hands on and
self contained.  Mike (mechanic/ manager) and Mary (chef/ team
coordinator) are a husband wife duo who have shared a passion for riding
and competing on mountain bikes for the past two decades.  Mike (2016
Masters Enduro MTB World Champion) and Mary (Olympian and National
Champion) are legendary in their approach and commitment to the sport,
living the majority of each year in a motorhome that they locate
according to the race schedule.

This ambitious couple have participated at the highest level of mountain
biking in cross country, cyclocross, marathon, team stage racing, and
enduro.   Their journey together has included 2 trips to the Olympic
Games, 13 consecutive years of World Championship and Pan American
events, among hundreds of competitions that have reaped victories and
podium appearances worldwide.

Mike and Mary take great pride in acting as ambassadors for the
companies that support them along their epic journey.  “We are honored
to work with Stan and his fantastic NoTubes team as they continue to
develop and re-define the limit on what we know as possible in cycling.”

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