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  1. Meet Mountain Bike Pro Hans Rey

    Meet Mountain Bike Pro Hans Rey

    Hans Rey started trials riding almost 40 years ago and has been a professional rider for more than three decades. He was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 1999. Currently living in Laguna Beach, California, the 50-year-old continues to ride, travel the world and share his passion for bikes. Hans Rey celebrating successfully reaching the summit of...
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  2. QBP Becomes Distributor of Stan’s NoTubes S1 Wheels

    QBP Becomes Distributor of Stan’s NoTubes S1 Wheels

    Deal speeds up wheel replacements and upgrades for customers BIG FLATS, NY (May 3, 2017) - Stan’s NoTubes is pleased to announce that their new S1 series wheels are now shipping to dealers through Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), which has begun building and distributing the wheels. Built for long life, low maintenance and outstanding value, the S1 series wheels feature...
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  3. Tire Pressure: When Lower Is Not Always Better

    Tire Pressure: When Lower Is Not Always Better

    In 2006, Krista Rust left her job as an Electrical Engineer for Motorola to race her bike, and she's been traveling, riding, and helping people keep their bikes rolling ever since. Krista is an ambassador for the benefits of tubeless and has spent years helping riders make the switch from inner tubes. Originally an XC racer and now on the...
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  4. Rose Grant Fast Tracks Comeback from Injury to Podium

    Rose Grant Fast Tracks Comeback from Injury to Podium

    Rose Grant’s stellar 2016 season came to a screeching halt in August, when she crashed and tore her ACL, sustaining an injury that would require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Yet, just seven months later, the Stan’s-Pivot pro mountain bike racer was back standing on the podium, seemingly as fast as ever. NoTubes: What was your recovery process like? Rose Grant...
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  5. Better Rims Mean Fewer Flats

    Better Rims Mean Fewer Flats

    Some companies seem to choose their rim shape based on maximum logo size. Here at Stan's, we like to frustrate our marketing department with low-profile rim shapes. And while you won't find a lot of marketing real estate for giant logos on the sides of our rims, what you will find is a rim shape that's 100% purpose-built for performance. But what's that...
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  6. VeloClassic p/b Stan’s NoTubes Team Kicks off 2017 Road Season

    VeloClassic p/b Stan’s NoTubes Team Kicks off 2017 Road Season

    With its sights set on becoming one of the the top criterium racing teams in the U.S. and Canada in 2017, the Velo Classic p/b Stan’s NoTubes Team added five new riders and a Director Sportif. The New York City-based USA Cycling domestic elite women’s road racing team recently kicked off its season with a warm-weather training camp earlier this...
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  7. Meet Downhill Pro Racer Danielle Beecroft

    Meet Downhill Pro Racer Danielle Beecroft

    Downhill World Cup racer Danielle Beecroft recently won both the Australian Downhill National Series and the Oceania Continental Championships on her Stan’s NoTubes Flow MK3 wheels. The 21-year-old pro, who hails from North Richmond, Sydney got started racing bikes at a young age and currently competes nationally and internationally as a privateer. NoTubes: Tell us about winning the Australian Downhill...
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  8. Stan's-Pivot Pro Team

    Stan's-Pivot Pro Team

    Husband and wife duo, Chloe and Travis Woodruff, founded the Stan's-Pivot Pro Team in 2015 backed by Stan's NoTubes, a small company whose tubeless innovations fundamentally changed the sport of mountain biking. A partnership with Pivot began at the onset of 2016, and nothing felt more natural as both the Woodruffs and Pivot call the rugged terrain of Arizona home...
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  9. Hans Rey

    Hans Rey

    Hans Rey was born in Germany in 1966, this Swiss/American national now resides in Laguna Beach, California with his wife Carmen. Hans is a former Trials World Champion and inductee of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, he is widely considered to be a pioneer of both the Mountain Bike Freeride movement and the Trials riding scene. As a professional...
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  10. GT Factory Racing

    GT Factory Racing

    With a team page called Fun is Serious Business, the GT Factory Team is all about good times and fast runs. The squad is packed with some of the most talented Enduro and DH racers in the world, including Martin Maes, Noga Korem, Joey Foresta and Wyn Masters. Every bit as important: these are also some of the nicest people...
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  11. Cam Zink

    Cam Zink

    Cam Zink is one of those rare riders who goes big, and goes fast. Though an accomplished DH racer, Cam gravitated toward Slopestyle and major events like Crankworx and the Red Bull Rampage, where he took the overall win in 2010. Known for some of the most astounding tricks every performed on a bike, and the holder of more than...
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  12. Jill Kintner

    Jill Kintner

    Jill Kintner is one of the most accomplished female athletes on two wheels. Paired with her work ethic and creativity she has prevailed across several cycling disciplines including Downhill, Slalom, 4X, BMX, Pumptrack, and Enduro. Her career highlights include a BMX Bronze medal in the 2008 Olympic games, 3 consecutive UCI 4X World Titles, Downhill World Cup podiums, and an...
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  13. Pivot/Maxxis presented by Stans/DNA Cycling Team

    Pivot/Maxxis presented by Stans/DNA Cycling Team

    The Pivot/Maxxis team evolved from the 2017 Pivot/DNA CX team with Courtenay McFadden and Sofia Gomez-Villafane.  Courtenay, along with Jamey Driscoll, continued to grow the team, for the 2018/2019 Cyclocross season, adding Maxxis as a Co-Title sponsor with Pivot, and gaining Stans NoTubes  as a presenting sponsor along with DNA Cycling. The Pivot/Maxxis presented by Stans/DNA Cycling  team is eager...
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  14. Team CLIF Bar MTB

    Team CLIF Bar MTB

    The Team CLIF Bar MTB squad has a busy 2018 season planned, including sharing a few stories about the team’s mountain bike adventures (in partnership with Peloton magazine & Niner bikes).  The United States of Dirt project launched in 2017 and will continue with three new stories this season. In 2017, the project followed the team to: Whiskey Off-Road The...
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  15. Panaracer/Stan's NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change

    Panaracer/Stan's NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change

    Panaracer/Stan's NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change is a Midwest based Elite gravel cycling team contesting podiums in both men and women's fields at top events. Look for them at the front of most gravel races in the United States aboard our #avioncarbon or #valorcarbon wheelsets! Bob Cummings I got into cycling at a late age. I rode BMX and Motorcycles as...
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  16. Bryn Atkinson

    Bryn Atkinson

    With over 15 years of Elite competition experience and a trademark riding style, Bryn Atkinson is globally renowned as one of most exciting mounting bikers to watch. His highlights in the racing world include a long list of World Cup top ten downhill finishes, U.S. victories and Championships; most recently though with his shift from Racer to Media Athlete, Bryn...
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  17. Geoff Kabush

    Geoff Kabush

    A born and bred Canadian, Geoff Kabush is known for racing his bike fast and having a little fun. After playing every sport in high school, Geoff decided to take MTB racing seriously after attending his first MTB World Championship as a Junior in 1995. Attending the University of Victoria and studying Engineering, he slowly moved through the ranks until...
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  18. Kyle Strait

    Kyle Strait

    Kyle ‘Lyle,’ ‘Big Boy’ or the slightly more obscure ‘Beef Eater’ Strait has been a dominant force on the mountain bike scene since a young age. He started competing in mountain bike competitions in 1997, and stormed Crankworx Whistler in 2004 taking the third spot on the podium in slopestyle at just 17-years-old. He also competed in World Cup Downhill and won...
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  19. Todd Wells

    Todd Wells

    Todd Wells has been racing bikes professionally for over two decades. During that time he quit for a few years to finish school, worked for IBM where he decided racing was better than a cubicle job. He has represented the US at three Olympic Games, won a bunch of National Championships, Leaville, La Ruta, Breck Epic, etc…. If it’s a...
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  20. Reed Boggs

    Reed Boggs

    I’m 20 years old, coming from a bmx and motocross background growing up. In 2015, I moved to southern Utah from living in Cleveland, Ohio my whole life. I’ve grown to love all types of mountain biking since being out west. Freeriding in Virgin is the best type of riding! Follow Reed on social media here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
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