This past Saturday 2,000 racers descended on the small town of Leadville, Colorado for what is arguably the most famous endurance mountain bike race in the world. The Leadville 100 has grown since the first edition in 1994, and recently top racers from all disciplines of the sport have added this iconic event to their calendar. Altitude, trail conditions and weather all play a role in the training and equipment choices riders must make before heading into the start corral. In her first attempt, our own Rose Grant took the win on a Podium SRD wheelset. Congratulations to everyone who raced. Simply reaching the finish line is a major accomplishment!

Photos by Kenny Wehn. 

Downtown Leadville was packed with racers and spectators anxiously awaiting the start.

It was a bit chilly at 6:30 a.m. up over 10,000 feet.

Lots of heavy hitters were present on the start line.

Support crews were positioned throughout the course to assist their riders.

Even while recovering from a broken ankle, Erin Huck was out on course cheering on her teammates and friends.

Jake Wells was all business on Saturday.

Lachlan Morton en route to his third-place finish.

Andrew Clemence (CZ Racing) on the attack.

Rose Grant picked up a tack on course, but luckily she was topped off with Race Sealant and was able to continue on her way.

Incredible views followed the riders around every turn.

Rose Grant on the finishing straight.

Rose Grant celebrating her win with her daughter.

Todd Wells was all smiles at the finish line on Saturday.

Women's Leadville 100 podium. 1st Rose Grant / 2nd Sarah Sturm / 3rd Angela Parra

Men's Leadville 100 Podium. 1st Howard Grotts / 2nd Quinn Simmons / 3rd Lachlan Morton