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Driven By M-Pulse

Combining the best materials and construction with a smarter engagement system, M-Pulse hubs are built to roll smoother longer. The heart of M-Pulse hubs is the magnetic locking engagement system based on the innovative Project321 design and manufactured in their small-batch, high-precision facility in Bend, Oregon. M-Pulse freehubs feature six pawls equipped with Neodymium magnets engaging every 1.66° with more force than traditional spring-based pawl designs and less resistance when coasting. With less friction and drag, M-Pulse hubs spin more freely to roll further faster, and with less effort.

The Next Generation of Tubeless Rims

Asymmetric rims with offset spoke holes build into stronger wheels, but they've always had major downsides when it comes to tubeless–a vulnerability to denting and the inability to create an equally strong airtight seal on both sides of the rim. The new MK4 rims are the first asymmetric aluminum rims that we created based on our patented Bead Socket Technology. Our BST-Asymmetric design allows for the improved bracing angle and nearly equal spoke tension balance of an asymmetric rim, but resists dents and retains the easy inflation and reliable airtight seal that's made Stan's the leader in tubeless rim technology. The new MK4 series rims are available in three updated widths, and each Crest, Arch, and Flow model has its own purpose-built, wider rim shape and spoke hole offset.



Well suited for eBikes, S2 wheels are built with Stan’s all new E-sync hubs to handle additional weight and drivetrain stress. Like the MK4 series, Stan’s S2 rims have all increased in width, but S2 rims are manufactured with 6061 aluminum using a durable sleeved joint and stainless steel rim eyelets. They rely on Stan’s proven conventional symmetrical Bead Socket Technology for easy inflation.

Available exclusively through our dealers and distributors.

  • Patented BST tubeless rim design
  • 6061 aluminum rim with durable sleeved joint and stainless steel rim eyelets
    eBike compatible
  • E-sync hub provides fast 8.18º engagement, handles 47% greater torque load than previous Neo hubs
  • Heavy duty chromoly axles, and Enduro brand bearings, including double-row freehub bearing
  • Reinforced long pawl design distributes stress away from bearings
  • E-sync endcaps and freehubs are backward-compatible with previous Neo hubs
  • Available in 3 rim widths
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