Diary of a Racer: Kialani Hines

Diary of a Racer: Kialani Hines
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Diary of a Racer: Kialani Hines

For a bike racer, all of the energy put into training, travel, and mental preparation unfolds itself in a flash on the track. Gates drop. Chains tighten. As tires cross the finish line, they’re left with the result that can make or break seasons and spirits. Kialani Hines is no stranger to the stresses of the life of a bike racer, much of it weighing down off-the-track and in the real “adult world” where pressures from sponsors and managing the logistics as a privateer pulling off an international racing campaign. Diary of a Racer follows Kialani as she makes her way across the globe to compete–the ups, downs, and moments in-between runs and races.

“Often, it’s hard to know what direction you’re going in or if something like racing is worth wild to pursue. This small look into racing and a racer's head is my personal story but one that can be related to by many in my position. We all have our reason, and we all have our battles, but it really is about what drives you to pursue something where it is often hard to see the reward.

I can understand the difficulty of looking into a life like mine from an outsider’s perspective wondering “What is the ‘reward?”. The beautiful thing about bikes is even with a forever changing industry and sport the path for each rider is filled with their own difficulties and success’ the reward is recognizing that. Ultimately the life of a racer is an unknown but fulfilling ride, racing is and will always be my outlet and reason why.”

- Kialani Hines

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