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How-to: Advice on Manuals with Hans Rey and Tommy Zula

How to with Hans Rey and Tommy Z

Looking to improve your riding? We know some people who can help. Whether you need some advice on cornering or want to improve your form on jumps, our How-to series lets you submit a short video of your riding, and ask a Stan's pro rider for advice.

Sian is working on improving skills across the board, including learning to manual. Manualing, or riding on only the rear wheel to maintain smoothness and speed through uneven sections (think wheelie without the pedaling), is a tough skill to master, but Sian is off to a great start, working on the body's balance point and getting those elbows straight. To kick off our first Stan's How-to Session, we have not one, but two amazing riders weighing in to help you, Sian! Trials legend and Mountain Bike Hall of Famer Hans Rey offers some words of encouragement and advice, and Pump Track World Champion Tommy Zula does a great job demonstrating the form he's perfected. Thanks for asking, Sian, and keep up the good work!

7 months ago
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