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Kyle Strait is no stranger to big hits. Having spent most of his life going big on two wheels, Kyle knows how to properly crash. During his second run of the 2019 edition of Rampage, Kyle executed a textbook bail in the middle of a back flip suicide no hander. Thankfully Kyle walked away unscathed and had this to say about the crash. "When shit goes wrong it actually goes pretty well. Bummed after missing my last feature on a heater of a run but stoked to be healthy and ready for my 15th Rampage next year."

1. Assess your situation. Hopefully, you're not bailing at Rampage.

2. Legs are nature's shock absorbers. Get them under you if you can and aim to land on your feet.

3. You're not going to stick this landing. Tuck and roll to distribute impact force across the ground instead of straight into it.

4. The human ball is your friend. It's usually better to keep rolling than to try to poke an arm out and stop your momentum too soon.

5. Keep an eye out for friendly fire. Your bike is often right behind you and coming in hot.

6. Take account of things. Don't force yourself to get up until you feel you can and systems are functioning somewhat normally. 

7. Find @dabigbadwolff for any immediate refreshment needs.

8. Let the world know you'll be back next year.

2 years ago
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