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Stan's M-pulse Hub Sound Comparision

Stan's NoTubes M-pulse Hub Sound Comparison

You asked, and we listened. When you want to know how a new hub sounds, nothing beats hearing actual audio, so we rounded up some friends' bikes and recorded exactly what our new M-pulse hubs sound like compared to other hubs. Here's what we did to make sure the audio was as accurate as possible:

  • all audio was captured at the same fixed level with a direction mic placed 2.5" from the non-drive side of the hub
  • this is raw audio, meaning that no adjustments have been made
  • we recorded on the same frame with the rear brake removed to eliminate any potential brake drag noise and kept the bike in the same gear for each recording
  • do note that tires and rims are a variable here, and the last service varies from hub to hub
  • because hub sound changes depending on rotation speed, we recorded the first and last 4 seconds of the rotation

Got a specific hub that you'd like to hear compared to our M-pulse? Send an email to, and we'll see what we can do about it!

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