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Some companies seem to choose their rim shape based on maximum logo size. Here at Stan's, we like to frustrate our marketing department with low-profile rim shapes. And while you won't find a lot of marketing real estate for giant logos on the sides of our rims, what you will find is a rim shape that's 100% purpose-built for performance.

But what's that mean? It means finding In addition to the four key rim design patents that go into the interior shape of our rims and ensure the easiest setup and most reliable tubeless performance, we also test the overall shape of our rims for impact absorption. (By now, a lot of you might have seen our RiACT technology video.) But we don't just test rim durability. We also test how well our rim shape prevents tire pinch flats. Check out the slow-motion video to see what we mean. Slow motion animation of tire impact Our rims resist damaging your tires, even when withstanding major impacts. Air loss is minimal, even at the point of impact, and no sealant is lost.

Stan's rims don't just absorb impacts to last longer and roll faster. The special shapes of our rims also help stop tire pinch flats. You're much less likely to damage your tubeless tire when using a Stan's rim. Preventing tire damage and tire pinch flats is just one more way Stan's rims make every ride better, and we'd rather finish our ride flat-free than to have the biggest decals.

5 years ago
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