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Race Report: Unbound 2021 Photo Gallery and Results

Race Report: Unbound 2021 Photo Gallery and Results
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Race Report: Unbound 2021 Photo Gallery and Results

Unbound, formerly known as DK, if often referred to as the world's premiere gravel event. First being held in 2006, Unbound has earned the reputation as one of the hardest single day gravel events around. Recently, it's garnered the attention of World Tour riders who have only added to the prestige surrounding the race. While many racers come with the hope of victory, most are looking to complete a bucket list ride and safely complete the route. Stan's congratulates every racer who chose to head to Emporia, Kansas to push their limits.

Full results for all races are available here. Photos by Kenny Wehn.

Women's 200 Results Men's 200 Results

1 - Lauren De Crescenzo

2 - Amity Rockwell

3 - Emily Newsom

4 - Whitney Allison

5 - Shayna Powless

1 - Ian Boswell

2 - Laurens Ten Dam

3 - Peter Stetina

4 - Ted King

5 - Colin Strickland

Women's XL Results Men's XL Results

1 - Lael Wilcox

2 - Amanda Nauman

3 - Christie Tracy

4 - Cynthia Frazier

5 - Rachel Wills

1 - Taylor Lideen

2 - Will Loevner

3 - Mat Stephens

4 - Jay Petervary

5 - Jesse Stauffer

4 months ago
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