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Our offices will be closed 11/25 and 11/26 so staff can spend time with family and ride some bikes. Hope everyone gets out to ride this weekend!

The Stan's Refresh | News DART – Cactus Cup Recap

The Stan's Refresh | News DART – Cactus Cup Recap
Incoming! Here's a fresh news DART. The North American XC racing scene held its first event of 2021 this past weekend in Fountain Hills, Arizona. In this special News DART, Kenny gives Adam a recap of the recent Cactus Cup. The Cactus Cup is a long-standing XC stage race that usually kicks off the race season and has always served as an early-season opportunity to test one's legs. Kenny was out there supporting our riders while taking some rad photos of the racing action. Kenny saw it all go down, so he gives us a brief rundown of how the races played out.

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9 months ago
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