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For years, Continental's "GP" series of road tires has been seen as a standard, a tire against which all other road tires were judged. For many riders, "tubeless' was not going to be accepted on the road until Continental introduced a tubeless version of their latest GP series tire. With the introduction of the GP 5000 TL, that day has come. But how easy is it to set up a Continental GP 5000 tubeless on a Stan's Avion wheel? The short answer - very easy. We hear all the time about how road riders are hesitant to make the switch to tubeless - "It's too complicated", "It's too messy", "Why should I bother with the hassle? Tubes work just fine." While we understand the reluctance, we'd like to show you just how easy mounting a Continental GP 5000 tubeless tire can be. For those of you familiar with the Grand Prix series, it's one of the most popular road tires of all-time, and until just recently it was not offered in a tubeless version. We feel that the release of Continental's first tubeless-ready road products is an indication of a changing attitude towards road tubeless in general. Road riders are finally ready to enjoy the benefits mountain bikers have been experiencing for years. Our products simply roll faster, further and flat free. How involved is setting up a Continental GP 5000 tubeless? Not very. Step 1: Acquire a GP 5000 TL. Although Continental was late to the party, the launch of their first tubeless compatible tires is a major indicator of a changing attitude toward road tubeless. Road riders are finally ready to enjoy the benefits mountain bikers have been experiencing for years. Step 2: Make sure your wheel is properly prepared with tubeless tape and a valve. Remember, all Stan's BST-R products require 2 layers of tape, except for the Grail CB7 which only requires one layer. Step 3: Grab your floor pump. Most tubeless-ready tires can be seated on Stan's mountain or road rims using just a floor pump. Don't believe us? We have proof. Step 4: Spray the tire bead with soapy water. We're going to avoid the specifics on how to mount a tire in this post, but click here if you'd like to learn more about tubeless tire setup. Step 5: Get your standard floor pump ready. Be sure to consult both your rim and tire for pressure limitations. Step 6: Pump up your tire and enjoy the smoother, faster ride!

It's official: Tubeless road is here. 

2 years ago
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