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Hub & Wheel Support

Hub & Wheel Support

M-pulse Hub Maintenance and Service

These videos offer step-by-step processes for maintaining and servicing Stan's NoTubes M-pulse hubs.

E-sync Hub Maintenance and Service

These videos offer step-by-step processes for maintaining and servicing Stan's NoTubes E-sync hubs.

Wheel, Hub, and Rim FAQs AND Tips

Wheels & Rims

What makes Stan’s rims special?

What sets Stan’s rims apart is the patented shape. They feature a shallow drop-channel, a smooth transition to a wide, flat bead seat, and a very low sidewall. These features together make up our Bead Socket Technology (BST) profile, which makes Stan’s rims the easiest to set-up, most secure, best performing tubeless rims on the market..

What do I need to run my Stan’s wheels tubeless?

For our mountain bike wheels, you will need one layer of our Yellow Tape (width varies by model), a Universal Valve, and sealant. Our road rims require two layers of tape. All of our in-house built wheels come with tape and valve stems pre-installed.

What tires can I use?

While most mountain bike tires can be used on our rims with proper set-up, we recommend choosing tires labeled "Tubeless Ready" for best results. Some tires are more porous than others and may require more sealant during initial setup.

Road tires, or any tire you intend to inflate over 40psi, must be specifically labeled for tubeless use, as these tires will have beads designed specifically to accommodate the higher loads seen in a high-pressure tubeless application. When in doubt, consult the manufacturer of your tire. Road tires that are labeled “Use only with hook bead rims” should never be used tubeless.

Can I use tubes in my Stan’s wheels?

Yes, absolutely. While we firmly believe that tubeless is the best option for all riding applications, tubes can be used in our wheels.

What is the weight limit on Stan’s wheels?

Our recommended weight limits are determined by the individual components of the wheel build (rim choice, hole count, spoke gauge, lacing pattern) and vary between wheels. Please check the individual wheel page for the weight recommendation for the wheel of your choice. These weight recommendations are guidelines and have some flexibility based upon intended use and rider skill level.

What is the maximum tire pressure I can use?

A tire and rim work together as a system, therefore maximum tire pressure is specific to the rim and tire combination you will be riding. The maximum recommended pressure for common tire sizes for each rim is listed on their respective product pages as well on the rims themselves (if you are unable to locate this information on your rims, please feel free to contact us). Your tire will also have a labeled maximum pressure - consult both the rim and tire for pressure recommendations, being sure to stay under the limits labeled on both. Example: a tire has a maximum labeled pressure of 65psi and the rim has a maximum pressure of 45psi for a tire of that size. The maximum pressure you should run is 45psi.

Why is my cassette digging into my freehub body?

cassette with ridig body carrierFigure 1.Rigid Body Cassette

individual gear cassette Figure 2.Individual Gear Cassette

Stan's freehubs are made lightweight using aluminum like many other brands. We recommend using cassettes with a rigid alloy carrier (XTR, XT, XO, etc. - Figure 1) for the largest sprockets. Cassettes with individual cogs (Figure 2) may mark the alloy freehub, though marks are only cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the hub.

Do you offer wheel builds with other manufacturer's hubs?

No, we only offer our wheels built with Stan’s hubs.

Can I send you hubs for a custom wheel build?

Sorry, we do not accept outside hubs for custom wheel builds.

Can I buy rims, spokes and hubs from Stan’s to assemble myself?

Sorry, we do not sell the individual wheelset components. We only have complete wheels, or rim-only available for purchase.

Do you offer different color decals?

Yes, we do! We offer seven different colors in our custom wheel program. Replacement/aftermarket decals for rims or stock wheels are also available for purchase here.

Do you offer different colored nipples?

Yes. Through our custom wheel program, many wheels can be built with five different nipple color options, as well as black or silver brass nipples.

Where are your wheels built?

Most of our aftermarket wheels are machine laced and hand-finished in our Big Flats, NY facility. Some international distributors utilize our Taiwan based wheel building facility where all wheels are built entirely by hand but follow the same quality control procedures as in NY. Certain distributors also build wheels by hand following a match spec to our other aftermarket offerings.

Why doesn’t my wheel have a Stan’s hub?

Some bicycle manufacturers and retailers prefer to buy our rims and build them with their own choice of hubs and spokes. The rims are no different from what we build with, however our hub parts will not be compatible with these OE hubs.

What does Stan's build tension mean?

Each Stan's wheel is built to a specific tension for the rim used. For each of our rim models we list both a maximum build tension as well as the tensions that we build to in our NY facility to provide the best build and ride quality possible. Please note these tensions are measured without a tire mounted on the rim. As is the case with all wheels, tension will be significantly lower once a tire is installed.

Please see the Wheel Setup Guides for specific build information for your wheels.

MK4 Wheels

What are Asym and BST-A rims?

Asym or Asymmetric rims are rims designed with an offset to one side to allow for spoke bracing angles that create a more balanced tension and stronger wheel. Stan's BST-A or BST-Asymmetric rim design incorporates our original patented Bead Socket Technology (BST) design to the equation, providing the easiest tubeless set up on the market.

What makes the MK4 line different?

The MK4 line represents our first asymmetrically designed tubeless rim, featuring a shallow drop-channel with a smooth transition to a wide, flat bead seat, with a low sidewall allowing for easy tubeless tire installation and inflation. The low sidewall also creates a secure tire/rim contact that promotes a tire’s optimal shape and performance at the tire/ground contact point. The 6069 alloy, welded-joint rims feature a shot-peened finish that further sets the MK4 line apart and creates a strong, crack-resistant surface.

Which direction do I lace my Stan’s BST-A rims?

Front: Offset goes to the disc rotor side, or rider’s left. Rear: Offset goes to the drive side. Or rider’s right. In doubt? Stan’s strongly recommends all wheels be assembled by a professional wheel builder, according to the specifications we offer in our MK4 rim specifications document.

What are the options for MK4 wheels?

All stock MK4 wheels built on the M-pulse hub line are 32 holes. We offer the MK4/M-pulse wheels in 6-bolt or Centerlock disc brake rotor configurations with all common freehub options: HG, XD/XDR, and Microspline.

Will the SRAM XDR freehub work with my XD level group?

To run the XD cog set on the XDR freehub simply leave the included silver freehub spacer in place while installing the XD cassette. To run an XDR level cog set simply remove that spacer. Tech Tip: Grease those freehub threads and cassette threads before installation.

What valve does the MK4 rim use?

The MK4 rim line works best with the Stan’s 35MM Universal Valves. The 44MM length will also work well if needed. We offer these valve lengths and many more in Brass or lightweight Alloy with many color options available.

What is the maximum air pressure that can be run in the MK4 rim line?

In general Tubeless Ready Tires should be run at lower than a traditional tube and tire setups to get the most benefits out of this technology. When setting up your tires and wheels first review the Maximum Tire Pressure ratings for both the tire and rim (listed on the rim by model). Always use the lower of the two pressure ratings as the maximum. Maximum rim pressures are listed per rim model based on tire size/volume being used.

Can I use a tube with the MK4 rims and if so, what is the maximum tire pressure that can be used?

Yes. Please consult the tire manufacturers listed maximum tire pressure ratings for the tire and use that as your guideline for mounting a tire and tube setup on Stan’s rims. Tech Tip: We highly recommend not using a tire lever while mounting a tire/tube set up on our rims to limit the chance of potentially pinching the tube or causing potential damage to the rim tape during installation.

What is the weight limit on the MK4 rims?

While we do not set definitive weight limits per rim model as many factors, including but not limited to assembly components and techniques, influence this calculation once assembled into a complete wheel we do offer the following weight limit guidelines for our complete wheels.

Crest MK4 = 190lbs (86kgs) Gravel/XC
Arch MK4 = 230lbs (104kgs) Trail
Flow MK4 = 250lbs (113kgs) Trail/Enduro/DH

Do you offer the MK4 rims in any other color than black?

The MK4 line of rims is only offered in Black. We do however offer a wide selection of decals to match your bike paint. Further custom options can be ordered through our partners at Slik Graphics.

Do you offer colored decals for the MK4 rims?

While Stan’s only offers rims in black we do offer a wide range of colored decals to customize the look of your Stan’s MK4 27.5in or 29in rims and wheels. If you are looking for a 26in decal or that special color we do not currently offer please reach out to Slik Graphics who are the only officially licensed decal specialists to offer Stan’s custom decals.

S2 Wheels

What options are available (rim size, hole count, axle)?

The S2 line is available in 27.5” and 29” wheels, in all common freehub and axle configurations.

Why is there no “add to cart button”?

The S2 wheels are available exclusively through your local bike shops and select online retailers. We do not offer them for direct sale.

Can I buy an individual S2 rim?

The S2 series is only available as a complete wheel, they are not sold as a rim only option.

M-Pulse Hubs

What is “M-Pulse”?

M-Pulse is an all new premium hub platform based on the innovative magnetic pawl design proven by Project 321. It replaces traditional springs and pawls with powerful Neodymium magnets that provide fast and reliable 1.66° engagement. The pull of the magnetic pawls are at their strongest while the pawls are engaged and the weakest during coasting, keeping overall drag to a minimum. Each hub is constructed using fully shielded Enduro bearings with a custom grease fill for maximum durability.

What freehub/endcaps are available?

All MK4 and CB7 wheelsets featuring M-Pulse hubs are offered in the most common freehub and axle configurations. Boost (15x110/12x148), Non-Boost (15x100/12x142), and Super Boost (12x157) options are available in both Centerlock and 6 Bolt rotor mounts. Quick Release, Lefty, and Torque Cap axles are not supported by M-Pulse.
Freehub options include Shimano HG, XD/XDR, and Shimano Microspline. Campagnolo cassettes are not supported by M-Pulse.

What is Preload? Why should it be adjusted?

Bearing preload is the amount of side force placed on a bearing. Too little preload allows for play in the system, while too much preload results in unnecessary drag or binding. M-Pulse hubs have adjustable bearing preload on both the front and rear hub, allowing for precise tuning and wheels that spin perfectly smooth: video instructions

Can I convert between Boost and Non-Boost spacing?

No, it is not possible to convert between Boost and Non-Boost spacing. Boost and Non-Boost hubs require hub shells of different widths to align the rotor and freehub body. It is not simply an end cap conversion.

Where is the user manual?

All set-up and service manuals for M-Pulse hubs can be found on our Tech Docs page.

E-Sync Hubs

What is “E-Sync”?

E-Sync is used on our S2, D, and EX3 series of rims.. All E-Sync Parts are backwards compatible with the previous Neo hub.

The E-Sync freehub is a Long Pawl Design which evens out load distribution inside the hub. Featuring 8.18 degrees of engagemen the E-sync comes stock with a chromoly axle and Enduro bearings.

What freehub/endcaps are available?

XDR, MS, HG- QRx135 to 12x157 All Standard hub configurations

Not available: SS, 10x135, QR Bolt-on and Campy freehubs

Where is a user manual?

All set-up and service manuals for E-Sync hubs can be found on our Tech Docs page.

Tech Docs

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