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Neo & Neo Ultimate: E-Sync Freehub Upgrade

Neo & Neo Ultimate: E-Sync Freehub Upgrade

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Upgrade Stan's Neo & Neo Ultimate Hubs with the E-Sync Freehub

We designed our E-Sync hubs by building on what we've learned from our previous generation of Neo & Neo Ultimate hubs. Since E-Sync uses a similar hub shell design, the improved freehub driver and strengthened Chromoly axle is backward compatible with existing Neo and Neo Ultimate hubs.

  • New pawl angle and longer pawl shape, increasing torque load
  • Chromoly steel axles, strengthening the overall system
  • Double row bearings, adding stiffness and aligning pawls
  • Improved freehub seal, protecting internals against dirt and weather

*If you experienced any issues with your Neo or Neo Ultimate hubs, please fill out a Warranty Request Form so that we can ensure your Stan's wheels are equipped with our improved freehub and axle.

1. Pick a freehub driver

2. Pick an axle

3. Put it all together

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