The Raven Tire, 26x2.2

The Raven Tire, 26x2.2

Photo Credit: Fraser Britton - Rider: Kenny Wehn
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With side knobs twice as tall as The Crow but the same center tread height, The Raven rolls very quickly yet offers considerable grip in loose conditions. The center portion of the tire is designed with a harder durometer rubber for fast rolling with little resistance and softer side knobs for added grip. Lower the tire pressure and be amazed at how versatile the semi-slick design can be.

Often used as both a front and rear tire, running a Raven front with a Crow rear can be the ultimate cross country race setup.

Tire Size

26" x 2.2" (559mm x 54mm)

Casing Type

120 TPI (Nylon)

Bead Type


Recommended Pressure Range

20-43 PSI

Approx. Weight

510 grams



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