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Valve Stem Pair, Universal, Schrader, 32mm, 10mm Base

Valve Stem Pair, Universal, Schrader, 32mm, 10mm Base

Photo Credit: Pete Kastner
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Compatible with straight valve hole Hugo 52 rims and designed to fit 7.5 - 8.5mm valve holes. Sold as a pair.

Identifying your Hugo rim and selecting the correct valve stem:

Stepped Hugo rims have a larger diameter valve hole on the interior of the rim, and a narrower hole on outside of the rim.

Quick tip: don't remove your tire if you don't have to. If your Hugo rim decal reads:

MAX RIM PRESSURE: 2.8 tires: 26psi, 3.0 tires: 24psi

ERD 615, 622x49.9, 29 in x 52.3mm

Your rim has a stepped valve and is not compatible with this valve.


For "Stepped" valve hole Hugo use part AS0105 - Valve Stem pair, schrader, 32mm 14mm base.  

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