Raced to multiple national and world championships and to Olympic medals, Stan’s NoTubes ZTR mountain bike wheels combine traditional serviceability and outstanding value with the most advanced tubeless technology. From the ultra-light, impact-absorbing carbon fiber ZTR Valor to our stronger, WideRight optimized Mark 3 aluminum series, Stan’s ZTR wheels accelerate quicker, corner harder, and roll faster. One ride, and you'll feel the difference. Our wheels and rims are simply faster.

At the heart of our mountain wheels is our patented Bead Socket Technology (BST), a lighter, quicker-rolling rim design. A genuine BST wheel's lower-profile eliminates unnecessary rotational weight while being stronger and less vulnerable to dents. Your tire’s bead is held more securely, and your tire can expand to its full volume, making it feel more supple and letting the wheel roll faster. Decreased rolling resistance, improved control and excellent climbing traction make it easy to see why our rims have been the choice of many top athletes since 2003.

To ensure your rims are matched perfectly to your tires, we've introduced our WideRight design concept. Found on our Valor, Bravo, and new Crest MK3, Arch MK3, and Flow MK3 rims and wheelsets, WideRight makes it easy to find the prefect rim width to get the most performance from your tires.

Durability and serviceability are important to us as riders. That's why you’ll find conventional, easily replaceable spokes in our wheelsets. Assembled in New York, Stan's ZTR wheels also feature our stronger and more precise Neo hub system. Offered in sizes to fit virtually any axle (including Boost, Cannondale Lefty, and more) Neo hubs provide quicker and more reliable engagement.

Stan’s NoTubes offers a range of 26, 27.5 and 29-inch mountain bike wheelsets and rims to suit your riding style.