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E-sync Hubs

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Strength and durability were the main priority in designing E-sync hubs. Designed for more aggressive riders, wet environments, and the added torque and weight stresses of eBikes, E-sync hubs are built to last. The cromoly axle and Enduro sealed bearings of the E-sync can handle high loads and harsh conditions, and the double row Enduro bearing at the heart of the E-sync's freehub lasts longer than simply pairing two standard cartridge bearings side-by-side. The 6066 alloy shell and heat-treated steel ratchet ring add further durability, allowing the E-sync to boast a 47% higher max torque capacity than previous Neo hubs.

Beyond materials, the E-sync's durability and reliable engagement relies on smart details like a pawl angle and new longer pawl shape that channels stress away from the bearings and into the strongest, most reinforced areas to drastically improve both bearing life and overall hub durability. The E-sync's flange spacing and design also balances spoke tension between each side of the rim better. It all works together to make the E-sync hub stronger and more durable. And with 8.18° engagement, the E-sync hub is as fast as it is strong.

Available with Shimano Micro Spline, HG, or SRAM XDR freehub, and 6-bolt or Centerlock brake style, with options to fit all popular axle configurations.


  • Cromoly axle and full Enduro bearings with double-row freehub bearing for years of trouble-free performance and eBike compatibility
  • Fast 8.18° engagement with reinforced high-torque capable pawls
  • Matched wheelsets use traditional J-bend lacing and share a single spoke length for easy serviceability
  • Backwards-compatible to accept Neo end caps, offering options to fit every popular axle style

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