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How-to Videos


This library of videos is designed to help with all aspects of tubeless setup, including sealant installation, tape, vales, and information about converting your bike to tubeless. This video library also includes detailed information about servicing Stan's hubs, and about using tools and accessories, including the DART tubeless tire repair tool.


Sealant How-to and Tech Videos

These videos cover installation, service, and tips associated with tubeless sealant.

Sealant Install: Valve Injection
Sealant Install: Direct Pour
Adding Sealant Trailside
Air Loss Troubleshooting
Sealant Refresh - Stan's NoTubes
Race Sealant Install - Stan's NoTubes

Tape and Tubeless Conversion Videos

These videos cover the use of Stan's tape and the methods and best practices for tubeless conversion.

Tubeless Tape Installation
Tubeless Conversion Install
Road Tape Install
Tubeless Tire Mounting
Tubeless Ready Best Practices
Myths and Misconceptions

DART Tool and DART Refill How-to and Tech Videos

These videos demonstrate proper use, best practices, and tips for using the DART repair tool for tubeless.

DART Tool Instructions
DART Refill Instructions
DART Development

Neo Hub Maintenance and Service

These videos offer step-by-step processes for maintaining and servicing Stan's NoTubes Neo hubs.

Hubs 101
Freehub Swap
End Cap Swap - Stan's NoTubes
Rear Hub Service - Stan's NoTubes
Freehub Service - Stan's NoTubes
Neo Front Hub Service - Stan's NoTubes
Chromoly Steel Axle
Chromoly Axle Install
Boost Hubs vs. Adapters
Diagnosing Hub Noise
Diagnosing Wheel Noise

Tips and Troubleshooting

These videos cover the most common tips, along with troubleshooting tips..

Tubeless Ready Best Practices
Tubeless Tire Mounting
Adding Sealant Trailside
Stan's NoTubes Hand Pump Tech Tip
How-to: Installing Tires on the Hugo 52 Rims - Stan's NoTubes
Race Sealant Install - Stan's NoTubes

3.30 Hubs (Discontinued)

Now discontinued, 3.30 hubs were offered with many Stan's wheels prior to the release of the Neo hubs. We continue to offer service parts and support for this discontinued family of hubs, and these videos are designed to help you service and maintain your 3.30 hubs.

Stan's 12x142 Kit, For ZTR, Stan's 3.30, Stan's 3.30Ti hubs.
Stan's 3.30 Front End Cap Swap
Stan's 3.30/3.30Ti hubs XD Driver Freehub Installation

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