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Wheels & Rims

Wheels & Rims

Photo Credit : Fraser Britton - Rider : Atherton Racing

About Stan's Wheels

We've designed our tubeless wheels since day one with our BST technology and have since introduced BST-A on our asymmetric MK4 series wheels. The result is a family of carbon and alloy wheels to fit riders needs; from e-bikes to gravel, cross country to downhill.

All Mountain

Ready to Descend

Our most durable wheels built for runs on the local enduro trails or days at the bike park. Our Flow rims feature wide 30mm internal width to fit 2.3-2.6" tires with carbon and alloy options.


Strong, Sturdy, Speedy

Our CB7, EX3, and S2 Series wheels were designed to handle the additional weight and drivetrain stress from E-Bikes. 


*S2 Wheels available exclusively through Stan's dealers


To Singletrack and Beyond

All day epics, afterwork miles, the Arch wheels are built for it all. The 28mm internal rim width is optimized for 2.2-2.5" tires.

Cross Country

Race Day Ready

Lead the pack with one of our carbon or alloy Podium and Crest wheels. Both rims are optimized to fit a 2.0-2.3" tire, with the Crest serving double duty as a wide format gravel wheelset supporting tires down to 40mm.


Grind Away

Take to the cinder, washboards, and everything in between with the Grail CB7's carbon lay-up designed to provide a comfortable ride when paired with 25-40mm tires. For an even wider tire range, our Crest wheels support 40mm to 2.3" tires.

Our Hubs

M-pulse freehubs feature six pawls equipped with Neodymium magnets engaging every 1.66° with more force than traditional spring-based pawl designs and less resistance when coasting. With less friction and drag, M-pulse hubs spin more freely to roll further faster, and with less effort. Found on our MK4 and CB7 series wheels

Strength and durability were the main priority in designing E-sync hubs. Designed for more aggressive riders, wet environments, and the added torque and weight stresses of eBikes, E-sync hubs are built to last. Found on our S2 and EX3 series wheels.

About Our Rims

Stan's premium alloy and carbon fiber rims use our patented Bead Socket Technology to match the shape of your tire's bead to create a safer and more secure air-tight interface. BST and BST-A rims secure the bead of the tire, not the sidewall, creating an air-tight seal while allowing the tire's sidewall to expand to its true, rounder, more effective profile.

 Premium Alloy


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