Use Stan's Road Tubeless bundle to convert any existing 700c clincher rims to tubeless use. Use two layers of Stan's Rim Tape  to seal the spoke bed air tight, specially designed valve stems handle inflation duties and the Tire Sealant seals any tire imperfections and provides puncture protection for thousands of miles.


Please note, unlike with mountain bike conversions, specific Road Tubeless tires are required for conversion.  They have been designed with a folding tire bead that will not stretch and cause catastrophic blowouts.  Road Tubeless tires must be used and we have partnered with Hutchinson to provide three excellent options.


Converting existing wheels and tires to tubeless ...

  • Costs hundreds less than other dedicated tubeless sytems.
  • Reduces tire rolling resistance.
  • Improves traction, comfort and control of the bike.
  • Allows for incredible puncture protection and reduced pinch flats.
  • Can reduce rotating weight where it matters most, the outside of the wheel.


Stan's Road Tubeless Bundles contain everything you need to convert existing 700c clincher rims or wheels to tubeless use.

  • (2) Road Tubeless tires
  • (2) 44mm Road Tubeless valve stems
  • (2) 2 ounce bottles of Stan's Tire Sealant
  • (1) roll of 10yd x 21mm Tape
  • Detailed installation instructions 
  • NoTubes decal

 * NOTE: If your rim valve hole is larger than 8mm please call for a larger valve stem.


Converting requires very little mechanical ability but it is important to follow the Instructions.  We recommend viewing the instructional Installation Video for additional assistance.  Your local bike shop is also a great resource.

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Road Tubeless Bundle - INTENSIVE
Bundle includes two Hutchinson Intensive 700c x 25mm tires and everything needed to convert to tubeless.

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Road Tubeless Bundle - Atom
Bundle includes two Hutchinson Atom 700c x 23mm tires and everything needed to convert to tubeless.

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Road Tubeless Bundle - Sector
Bundle includes two Hutchinson Sector 700c x 28mm tires and everything needed to convert to tubeless.