Recommended Tires


Stan’s NoTubes mountain bike rims require only yellow tape and universal tubeless valve when running tubeless. All tube-type mountain bike rims require a rubber rim strip to be converted for tubeless use.

Stan’s NoTubes mountain rims and converted tube-type mountain rims will work successfully tubeless with most types of tires including standard tube-type tires, tubeless ready tires, and tubeless specific tires.

Other brands of tubeless specific rims require tubeless specific tires or tubeless ready tires for successful tubeless use. These brands of tubeless specific rims can be converted for use with standard tube-type tires with the correct rubber rim strip.

Road tubeless applications require tubeless specific road tires. Tubeless specific road tires have a reinforced bead that will handle high pressure tubeless use.

 Compatible Tubeless Tires:

 Most Tubeless tires are compatible:

UST, LUST, UST-lite, 2Bliss, Tubeless Ready, TNT (tube no tube)

 Compatible Non Tubeless* tires:

29er Tires: All

26inch Tires:

and most other brands

 Not Recommend Tires

  WTB TCS and UST 29 inch tires are too tight for Stan's Notubes rims and NoTubes licensed rims such as Sun Ringle Black Flag.

 Specialized Grid UST Tires are very tight on Stan's Rims.

 Hutchinson Air-Light tires – the bead is too weak for tubeless use resulting in tire blowing off the rim at low inflation pressures.

 Hutchinson Tubeless Cyclocross tires – carbon fiber tire bead requires excessive pressure to seat properly often leading to tire blowing off the rim.

 *Use of sealant in non-tubeless tires may void the tires manufacturer’s warranty.

 Tech Tip - Tire pressure

 To determine a starting tire pressure when running NoTubes tires with our ZTR rim use this simple formula.

Rider Weight in pounds divided by 7 = x

x - 1 = Front tire pressure in PSI

x + 2 = Rear tire pressure in PSI