Instructions for Converting 700c rims to Tubeless 

Warning: You can only use a Tubeless Road Tire (for example Hutchinson Intensive, Fusion 3, or Atom) on your rim for tubeless use. Other roads tires will stretch and blow off the rim.

Warning: The Universal 44mm Tubeless Road Valve included with the Tubeless Bundles will only fit an internal valve hole no larger than 8mm. Please contact Stan's NoTubes if you need a larger valve.


Materials Needed: Stan’s Road Tube Conversion kit, scotch bright pad, bicycle rim safe solvent, soapy water and a soft brush, small file, pump, needle nose pliers or Stan’s Valve Core Remover.

Watch movie Road Tubeless Kit Installation  

  • Remove your existing tire and rim tape
  • Clean and lightly sand the inner part of your rim using a scotch bright pad. To remove any oil or grease clean the rim with any bicycle rim safe solvent that will not leave a residue (rubbing alcohol or automotive brake cleaner for example).
  • Install two layers of NoTubes 21mm wide yellow spoke tape. Pulling very hard using a waving motion. This waving motion will allow the wide tape to fill almost the entire inside of the rim. The wider tape will seal not only the spoke holes but also go up the sides of the narrow rims sealing the rim. Press the tape with your hand and a towel so that it is completely adhered. Tape is not necessary for 700c road rims that do not have holes in the inner rim cavity like the Mavic Ksyrium.
  • Once yellow tape is installed cut a hole in the tape at the valve stem. Be sure to remove all tape from the valve hole with a small file.
  • Mount the tubeless road tire with a road tube installed. Mount the tire near the valve stem last. You may use tire levers with the curved portion on the rim. After the tire is mounted soap both sides of the tire and beads with soap suds. This lubrication will make inflating and sealing easier. Pat the tire into the rim to seat it.
  • Inflate the tire to 100 psi and let it sit or do a small ride. The tube will press the tape down and help make it air tight.
  • Remove the tire and install the 44mm road valves. Valve extenders are available from Stan’s for deep rims. Remount your new Hutchinson tubeless road tire as above but without a tube.
  • Hang the wheel and remove the valve core from the 44mm road valve. Use a needle nose pliers or a Stan’s valve core remover to do this. Inflate the tire before adding Stan’s Tire Sealant. By inflating the tire it will also seat the tire on both sides of the valve stem.
  • To add Stan’s Tire Sealant rotate your tire and place your valve stem at the 8:00 position (not at the bottom). Shake bottle to ensure crystals are suspended. Inject 2oz of Stan’s Tire Sealant into each tire. Reinstall valve core. Inflate tire to 90 psi.
  • After adding sealant, soap the entire tire, valve stem area and all spoke nipples to make sure you have no bubbling. If you have any bubbling at the valve stem or spoke nipples your tape is leaking. If you have a sleeved rim you may need to shake the tire so the sealant can seal any area around the sleeve that the yellow spoke tape did not cover. The sealant will seal most leaks at the seam of the rim.

 FAQ & Tips

What are the benefits of going Tubeless?

The benefits of running tubeless are as follows:

• Going tubeless allows tires to roll 12% faster.

• Tires can be run at lower pressures providing a smoother ride and adding suspension feel to your road bike.

• Running tubeless offers puncture resistance. Using Stan’s Tire Sealant will seal most punctures.

• Using lower tire pressures allows the tire to conform to the rolling surface eliminating many of the small cuts that high pressures currently cause when rolling over sharp objects.

• You can run 70psi for city riding which allows less cuts from contact the tire may have with glass.

• Stan’s Tire Sealant provides better air retention in your tires. You may not need to check your pressures as often saving you time.

• Riding tubeless dramatically reduces pinch flats!

• Cost effective. You can convert to tubeless with your existing wheel set saving you big bucks!

What if I want to go back to using tubes?

Easy! Leave in yellow spoke tape, wash out sealant with cold water, install a tube and use the newtubeless tireswith your rims.