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Policies & Terms

NoTubes.com is built around a fully secure shopping cart and account management system. Our secure environment means information can be entered safely and cannot be intercepted.

Safe and Secure Ordering

NoTubes.com is built around a fully secure shopping cart and account management system. Our site relies on a secure socket layer (SSL) and offers industry-standard encryption to protect all transactions and keep credit card and personal information secure. Our secure environment means information can be entered safely and cannot be intercepted. For security reasons, we do not store complete credit card numbers.

Privacy Policy and Data Retention Details

At Stan's NoTubes, we believe your personal information is yours and yours alone. Our goal is to collect as little of your personal data as possible and store only the bare minimum we need. Stan’s NoTubes does not sell any customer data or attempt to follow you around, showing you online ads. We just want to make nice stuff for bikes and sell it to people so we can buy more stuff for our own bikes and make a living. Here are the most common ways a company uses your data, and details on how we handle each.

Stan would be selling sealant and rims out of the back of his pickup truck if he could, but we do allow people to order products on notubes.com. That involves collecting enough information for us to process and ship the order, and assist with any returns or warranty issues. When a customer registers to place orders on our site, we collect that customer's name, e-mail address, mailing address and phone number. When an order is placed, we also collect the customer's credit card or payment information. We do not store complete credit card information. When you place an order with us, we store your name and contact information. Because this information is necessary to process your orders, contact you with any alerts or information about the products you purchased, and uphold warranty and return options, this data is not routinely deleted. Stored data may be deleted at any time by written request, submitted to [email protected], and following a verification of email address. To avoid loss of warranty and return eligibility, we do not recommend deleting basic contact data.

Emails and Newsletters
Specific automated emails, including order updates and shipment tracking information, may be delivered as a part of our ordering process. We also try to be a resource and stay in touch with riders, so we do offer an email newsletter. Ordering from notubes.com does not automatically subscribe a visitor to our email newsletter. We have worked hard to make email newsletter sign-up clear and unmistakable, and we employ a specific checkbox and require email verification for all signs-ups. When you subscribe to our email newsletter, your name and email address are stored. When you sign up, we send an email asking if you're sure (this is referred to as “double opt-in”), in case you change your mind. We often give away products to our subscribers and would much rather communicate with fewer people who want to stay in touch with Stan’s news than ten million who don't, so it's super easy to click the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of any email we send any time you'd like, or shoot us an email at [email protected] and ask to be removed.

Cookies and Retargeting
What about all the creepy ad stuff from other companies that follows you around? We don't believe in that. Like pretty much every site in existence, we do use cookies, or those little bits left on each person's computer to help understand how our site is being used and whether or not users are finding the information they need. We do not use “third-party cookies,” from other sites or engage in retargeting. We gather the minimum information we can, and we've taken some additional steps in Google Analytics to specifically anonymze our visitor data. Why collect any site traffic data? We do this in order to understand how people are using notubes.com, what's working well for everyone, and what's not working, so we can keep trying to improve. (If, for instance, 99.9% of our site traffic suddenly started coming only from Norway, well, we’d maybe have to consider translating everything into Norwegian.) We've set our visitor data to expire after 26 months, which gives us the ability to see how anonymous traffic is using the site, without storing that data any longer than necessary.

Product Registration, Surveys, Polls, and Reviews
When registering a product with us, additional specific information may be required, including: product serial number(s), place of purchase, and purchase price. Product registration and product reviews may require a rating be provided to the product and may request comments. Stan's NoTubes occasionally makes optional surveys and polls available to visitors, and these may require contact information, including name and email address, and request optional information, including comments, rider demographic information, multiple choice ("choose your favorite") product design options, bicycle and component information, and opinion. This information is never required of visitors or customers, is used internally by Stan's NoTubes to make product development and policy decisions, and is never sold or shared with third parties. Whenever possible survey and polls do not require any personal information and are anonymous. 

Policies and Terms of Use

While our inventory is constantly updated, on occasion it is possible for us to be oversold on an item. It is our policy to contact the customer immediately in the event of an inventory issue and work to ensure orders are received as quickly as possible. When an item is listed as currently out of stock, we provide the option to enter an email address in order to receive a notification when that item returns to inventory. Please note that, on rare occasions, many people may be watching a popular product, and it may sell out again shortly after arriving back in inventory, becoming unavailable again quickly, even after triggering a notification of availability and sending an email alert that more are in stock. We work hard to keep every product in stock at all times and make products available as soon as possible.

Use, Consent, and Changes

Using our site constitutes acceptance of and consent to our policies. Should we make changes to our privacy policy, those changes will be posted on this page.

We do reserve the right to edit or remove any and all material directly connected to our notubes.com site, as well as all other blog sites and sites affiliated with NoTubes.

While we recognize that mistakes can happen and are not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, and mistakes in product information on our site, we do make every effort to ensure the information found on our site is accurate and free of typographical errors, omissions, and mistakes.Please always feel free to report any typos or suspected incorrect information to [email protected]

Legal Notice

Riding a bike is an inherently dangerous activity, particularly the way some of you ride. We built this company for all of you, and we want you to stick around to hopefully share a ride with us some day. Please use caution and good judgment out there, use lighting and reflectors when necessary to increase your visibility, and of course always wear a helmet. Seriously, even just riding around the block. Some of our worst bails were within sight of our garages.

Contacting Us

Please contact us with any questions about our policies