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When Was Your Last Refresh?

The key to a successful tubeless experience starts with tire sealant–if there's no liquid sealant in your tires, then it's unlikely you'll be prepared to roll away from your next puncture. Check on your tires today, and set yourself up for success this season!

Keeping Riders Riding Since 2001

In 2001, Stan’s NoTubes developed a method to replace inner tubes with a liquid sealant to repair punctures instantly. With the removal of the inner tube, off-road riders also gained increased traction, control, and comfort. Channelling knowledge accumulated from sealing conventional rims for tubeless use led the brand to develop its own line of rims and wheels explicitly designed for tubeless use. For over two decades, Stan’s NoTubes products have set entirely new performance standards while creating new product categories, redefining what others thought was possible. 

How Much Sealant?

Guided by over twenty years of experience, we've developed these standard recommendations for tubeless sealant volume for your tubeless tires and wheels.  Because tire casings vary widely between manufacturers, some tires may require more tubeless sealant.

Complete guide: How much sealant should I add to my tires?

Tire Size Sealant Volume
29 x 2.5" 5 oz / 148 ml
29 x 2.3" 4 oz / 118 ml
27.5 x 3.0" 7 oz / 205 ml
27.5 x 2.5" 5 oz / 148 ml
700c x 40 mm 2 oz / 59 ml
700c x 32 mm 2 oz / 59 ml
650b x 48 mm 2 oz / 59 ml


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